遗传算法是 a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in 华盛顿堡 PA




社区外展是十大体育外围平台排名的核心价值, and is thoughtfully and continually demonstrated through the efforts of our school-wide 社区服务 Organization (CSO).

Formalized by beloved 上学校 teacher Peter McVeigh 1760 in 1986, CSO has taught generations of GA students the importance of opening their eyes to the world and lending a hand to those in need.

Making service efforts tangible is a critical aspect of translating social awareness from an abstract concept to something that is practiced daily. 越多的学生可以看到他们的服务带来的影响, 他们就越容易伸出自己的手去帮助别人. 当学生反思服务, 他们说, “(服务)应该是本地化的, 个人, 教你一些关于你自己的事."

CSO has continued to be a pillar of compassion and grown even stronger through efforts to unify service projects across divisions. One of the most impactful all-school CSO efforts is the Holiday Program, which brings the entire GA community together in late December to raise awareness for local non-profits and celebrate the season with music and readings. 每个学生都被要求捐献一份礼物, which are then distributed by CSO members to five charitable organizations that serve children in the Philadelphia region. 该社区每年收集近1300份礼物.

Student leadership is also crucial to developing a culture of service, as students demonstrate to their peers the benefits of volunteering. 11月的两个星期, 342 American flags stand proudly in front of the Korman Family Pavilion to recognize each GA student who served in World War I. 学校档案保管员. Mark Rabuck '86 led the effort when he found a 1919 edition of Ye Primer (the school's yearbook) that listed each of the veterans' names and even what medals and accommodations they earned. 这是一个完美的开始, 在第一次世界大战100周年之际, for students to connect to GA's past and recognize the importance of those who serve today.

感恩节食物募捐活动, 这是公民社会组织与家长委员会的合作, 全校的收藏是否超过5个,000磅食物. The donated food is distributed to Our Lady of Hope Church in North Philadelphia and the Mattie Dixon 社区 Cupboard in Ambler, 证明关爱从当地开始.

"CSO is a great way for students to learn about the world beyond the walls of GA,学校公民社会组织协调员安东尼Commale说. "Our kids are learning a lot about circumstances of other people, including kids their age. I think it helps grow their emotional intelligence, empathy, and potential for leadership."

GA has developed several partnerships to show students the power of volunteering for organizations such as local shelters and at Face to Face Germantown, 哪一家是提供餐饮的多服务机构, 健康和卫生, 以及其他服务. 中学 has participated in a Service Day where groups of 7th and 8th Grade students provide companionship and assistance at places like Mercy Hospice and Whosoever Gospel 任务. 朋友的一天, 与银泉马丁·路德学校合作, which serves students experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges, 将学生聚集在GA的校园里.

随着GA继续优先考虑社区服务, 我们也强调保护环境.

GA的自然计划, 由高中科学老师Sarah Kesten协调, stresses respect and care for the natural and man-made green spaces on campus, 比如维萨希肯河, 的保护, 还有绿色屋顶和蜂房. GA even has several vegetable gardens on campus that produce food used in the Dining Hall. The school celebrates its outdoor spaces each year with Preserve Day to highlight its natural habitat.

每个部门都有一个绿色大使小组, 学生和教师在哪里用除草来维护场地, 种植, 和清理, 并在保护日担任导游. 高中的GA环境意识小组(GAEA), 关注环保倡议,比如, 可重复使用的水瓶, 和堆肥.

It's no surprise that GA students have such a penchant for offering their time. GA parents and alumni have served as excellent role models when it comes to service. 家长委员会管理了马丁·路德·金. 已经有十多年了, and 校友 CSO events like helping at a Habitat House in Philadelphia or assisting at food banks in Washington, DC, 西雅图, 和芝加哥继续把毕业生们聚集在一起.

从最年轻的学生到校友,以及中间的每个人, taking care of the people and world around us is one of the most important lessons learned.




Perhaps the most essential way we instill being 'Compassionate in Spirit' among GA students is through our emphasis on service learning in acts great and small, 无论是校内还是校外.

——校长Rich Schellhas